Thursday, September 27, 2007

Journeyman, Dirty Sexy Money, and K-Ville

"Journeyman" -- I was just "ehh" on this. Well done show -- just didn't grab me. I didn't care about the hero, nor did I care about the story, and that's just fatal. It's on after "Heroes" though, so I'll probably give it a few eps to see if I get into it.

"Dirty Sexy Money" - eeuuw. Pass. I love Peter Krause, and his Nick George is a very likeable character, as is his family. But the "Darling" clan -- they need to be shot. A number of fine actors, (Donald Sutherland, Jill Clayburgh (!) et al), wasted playing a bunch of a-holes no one would want to spend time with. Certainly not me. Dear god. I got a headache listening to them whine and bitch, and every time poor Nick's phone would ring my headache got worse. And those bastards kept his phone ringing constantly, what with the whining, and the bitching, and all. He has my sympathy, but not enough to keep me suffering with him.

"Dirty Sexy Money" may not be around long. It trailed, badly, in the ratings. From reuters: ""Dirty" was down 34% compared with last season's premiere of "Lost" in the same time period and down 22% from the October 4, 2006, premiere of the short-lived "The Nine.""

Ouch! It opened significantly down from "The Nine"? Didn't "The Nine" get yanked after only 6 eps? Whoops, no, I was wrong. It lasted 7 eps.

The long term prognosis does not look good. Sorry, Peter.

"K-Ville" -- Pass. A big disappointment. I was looking forward to this one. Poorly written, and poorly made. The plot was ridiculous, particularly in the villain's motivation. The production values were poor. During a shoot out, our heroes run down a street, chasing a gun-man in a car, their guns blazing. Jump cut to them in the middle of a car chase. Okay, I was willing to give them that one. But when the car chase ended by them finally finding the car overturned and the gunman long gone... come on. 2 seconds before they were right on his tail, exchanging shots. And we didn't get to see the stunt? Cheap, cheap, cheap.

I couldn't believe it. An actual "El Gringo Bravo" moment. In "El Gringo Bravo" the climax takes place off screen, and then the hero enters and says to the camera: "Wow! That was a great effect! Too bad you couldn't see it!"

The difference between the two being, of course, that "El Gringo Bravo" was an ultra-low budget indie comedy that cost about 5 cents to make, and "K-Ville" is a network tv show. And "El Gringo Bravo" did it better.

Topped by "El Gringo Bravo." How embarrassing.

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